LinkByLink - Overview

The Web is ubiquitous and the number of websites is constantly increasing. It is not sufficient anymore to have any kind of website. The site should work from a technical point of view. In particular it should be ensured that there are no broken links and that the web pages are displayed correctly by all browsers.

Broken Links and invalid email addresses

You know it from a letter or an advertisement: Typos or grammar errors leave a bad impression.
Firms lose customers, and private persons who would like to present themselves professionally in the web provide a rather embarrassing site when links or email addresses are often not working.
Errors in links can result in several problems: The target of a link may not exist (anymore), which can have various reasons. Or links which should point to locations within a page just do not do this. Additionally search engines are often not able to identify all keywords on a page.
Typos can easily result in a page not being found. As long as a link refers to one's own pages and there are not too many pages to maintain one may still have everything under control. But with the number of web pages growing the error rate increases rapidly. And with respect to links to external pages one can never be sure whether they will still be valid the next day.
A tool which points out these and other errors and additionally supports fixing them plays an important role. LinkByLink is this tool.

Standard Edition and Pro Edition

LinkByLink is available as Standard Edition and as Pro Edition.

The LinkByLink Standard Edition addresses users who want to check websites in an uncomplicated way using a tool with an easy to use graphical user interface. The Standard Edition supports websites with a maximum of 1000 different web pages or other resources.

The LinkByLink Pro Edition addresses advanced users and companies. In addition to offering all features of the Standard Edition for an unlimited number of web pages, numerous enterprise features are available. The Pro Edition optionally runs without a graphical user interface and thus is ideal for automated regular tests without user interaction. The test results can automatically be stored in a SQL database or forwarded by email.

Learn more about LinkByLink from our feature overview and our free trial version.