LinkByLink - Download and Installation
Installer for all platforms

The installer expects Java 17 or newer to be installed on your computer. If Java is not yet installed you can download it for free using the Java download links below.
On most platforms the installer can be started directly from within the browser. You can also start it from the command line with:

java -jar linkbylink-x.x.x-installer.jar

Installer for macOS

In order to install LinkByLink on a Mac you can also use a DMG.

Installers for old versions

For platforms not supported anymore by the current version older versions are still available. Please note that there is no official support anymore for these versions.

User manual

The manual can also be browsed with the help function integrated in LinkByLink.


LinkByLink requires a Java 17 (or newer) runtime environment. If a current version of Java is not yet installed on your computer, you can download it here:


After finishing the installation start LinkByLink. Depending on the platform click on the icon or start and linkbylink.bat, resp. In order to activate your license save the email with the license key as a text file (extension .txt) and load this file with Load License in the About LinkByLink dialog window.
You can then start your first link check by entering the URL of a website and clicking on the Start Check icon.

License Input
Down Arrow
Set Root URL
Down Arrow
Start Check


In order to uninstall LinkByLink simply delete the LinkByLink installation folder.