LinkByLink - Frequently Asked Questions

This page addresses typical questions and provides tips on how to use LinkByLink.

Standard and Pro Edition
Why are the Start Check icon and menu item disabled even though no link check is running?
Ensure that you have entered a start URL and that at least one of the options Check Internal Links or Check External Links is enabled.
Why can't I open a web page in the external browser?
Except for OS X functions addressing an external browser can only be selected if a browser was entered in the External Applications dialog.
How do I import link check results into spreadsheets?
Save the test results with Export Results As CSV. The resulting text file can be imported into a spreadsheet without any change.
How do I get a list of links referring to a particular URL?
Sort the result table by the Target URL column. The links referring to the same URL are now displayed one below the other in the Source URL column.
Why is an email domain considered illegal even though the domain data are valid?
Email domains are checked by verifying the so-called MX record. If there is a problem with the network configuration of the PC the test is running on a valid address can be reported as invalid.
Why is an anchor reported as missing even though I can see it in the HTML source?
There may be unmatched double or single quotes in the HTML, masking and thus hiding the anchor and other tags.
Why does the number of links checked in a certain amount of time sometimes vary between several hundred and only a few per second?
LinkByLink remembers the status of links already tested, which results in a high speed. Since the number of parallel connections per server is usually limited, though, the process of testing can temporarily slow down when accessing many resources on the same server.
Pro Edition only
Why does LinkByLink report that the database driver could not be found?
The JDBC database driver for your SQL database must either be present in the Java classpath or it must be copied into the Contents/Resources/Java folder of the LinkByLink distribution. Both are searched automatically when LinkByLink is started.
How do I configure LinkByLink to run scheduled tests?
Scheduled jobs are configured in a platform-dependent manner. The LinkByLink manual provides information about job scheduling on OS X, Windows and Linux/Unix.